Our congregation is very blessed to support many missionaries around the world.

Click on the names below that have links to learn more about that particular missionary.

Click here to find out more information about the Baptist Bible Fellowship International

Akers, Roger
Auterson, Lance
Bausell, Edwin
Board, Ken
Corbello, Thomas
Davis, Kevin
Dimakos, George
Dowell, Ken
Downs, Timothy
Ee, Eddie
Gritts, Tom
Harmon, Rex
Herman, Mary
Hessee, Nathan
Hickey, Gerald
Hooge, Rosalie
Joyce, Charles
Kaeo, Eldon
Kelley, Richard

Kolb, Karen
Koon, Earl
Lewis, George
Ligon, Ross
Liles, Jon
Lyons, Greg
MacFarlane, Don
MANNA (Even, Andrew)
Mantonya, Henry
Marshall, Robert
McClure, Dean
McClure, Patrick
Neel, Bill
Owens, Ricky
Palmer, Dennis
Perry, Jonathan
Peters, Dan
Powers, Jason
Reed, Jack
Reeves, Tarl

Rhoades, Jeffrey
Sampson, Keith
Smith Sr., Lonnie
Smith, Dan
Spoelstra, John
Strong, John
Thompson, Renae
Tomberlin, Gary
Trask, Steven
Unruh, Terry
Wallace, Tom
Walton, Ira
Waters, James
Weaver, Dan
White, Chris
Young, Maurice

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