Children’s Programs

Nursery 1IMG_Patty

Teachers: Patty Andrews (Pictured) & Bethany Owens

Patty has been a member at Bible Baptist Church for around 24 years.  She has taught or helped in classes the majority of that time.  Patty enjoys her grandkids, and camping (when she can).

Age Group Taught:  Newborn to 1 year old

About the Class:  There is a lot of loving and cuddling as well as a lot of feeding (when needed) and diaper changing.  We are there to see some of their first milestones and help and encourage them to reach new ones.

Nursery 2

Teacher: Judi ScarberIMG_Judy

Judi was saved in 1990 while attending church in Big Pine Key, Florida, and she started attending Bible Baptist Church in 2003.  Judi started out working in AWANA and has been helping with that outreach for 6 years, first as a SPARKS helper and now as the SPARKS leader.  Judi has 5, almost 6, grandchildren that she loves dearly!

Age Group Taught:  1 and 2 year olds

About the Class:  With this age group there is a lot of Elmo and Veggie Tale movies with some snack time mixed in!  The kids love to throw balls and play with the toys.  Sometimes there’s lots of potty training going on and at other times there’s lots of diaper changing!


Teacher:  Cindy WheelerIMG_Cindy

Cindy Wheeler loves being a Christian, she feels there is no better life if you know God!  She enjoys working with young children and feels they are the future of our church!  Family is very important to Cindy, she has 2 wonderful daughters, 2 great son-in-laws, and 2 magnificent grandchildren.

Age Group Taught:  3 and 4 year olds

About the Class:  Having fun learning about God is what Cindy strives for.  Each Sunday Cindy has a Bible lesson, craft, and snack for the kids. Cindy works very hard at making the lesson easy to understand for this age group by using various teaching methods.  The kids also get to enjoy play time!

Pre-K & KindergartenIMG_5596_640x480

Teacher: Jenny Trupp

Jenny Trupp is married and has 3 sons.  She was raised in Bible Baptist Church and has been teaching Sunday school since 1984.  The kids in her class call her Ana and she adores teaching pre-k and kindergarten.

Age Group Taught:  Pre-K and Kindergarten

About the Class:  Jenny uses coloring pages for the kids that go along with that week’s lesson. She also likes to add a little drama to the lesson to help keep the kids attention.  Jenny believes that at this age children still need a little play time and of course snack!

1st & 2nd GradeMark & Kim

Teachers:  Mark & Kim Gronniger

Mark & Kim have been teaching the 1st and 2nd grade class at Bible Baptist Church since May of 1998.  Mark placed his faith in the Lord Jesus in October of 1983.  He retired from the Marines in 1997.  Kim accepted the Lord in July of 1991.

Age Group Taught:  1st & 2nd Grade

About the Class:  Mark and Kim feel it’s important to teach the kids about the Bible basics.  The curriculum they use is from Accent.  They also feel it’s important to teach the kids Bible songs.  Mark & Kim also give the kids opportunity to give praises to the Lord & any prayer requests.

Our Awana Program

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